Can___ Culture
A speculative design project that allows people to feel and reflect on their relationship with the cancel culture through conceptual videos and AR demo.


Concept & Critic

This work stems from a series of questions.

Is the "cancel culture" an attempt to help the weak to defend themselves in the face of power, or is it designed to give some people the power to rule and eliminate dissenters?
Does the power to cancel people come from the real public opinion, or is it the data deceived by selfishness and capitalism?
Who is the referee in this game of canceling and being canceled? Who will pursue the truth and defend the right of both sides to speak? 

Whether it is the criticism of the Red Guards or the witch hunts of the Inquisition, the culture of cancellation has always existed in all times and in all cultures, and people are ignorant of the magnitude of the power they nourish. Therefore, I designed a parade. A titan covered with eyes and ears is parading through the city and it is watching every move of the people in the city. People can feel this power by way of AR, feel themselves in this parade, an indifferent bystander? A controller of absolute power? Or a victim of fear?


Individual Project


Ben hooker, Jenny Rodenhouse, John Brumley


Oct.~Dec. 2021


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Giant Parade

Design Process

After decided to design a parade of cancel culture, I explored different forms of the parade through drawing.

Parade of Sculptures

The prejudices of those in power, the coddling in family education, the extremism... This proposal incarnates some of the representatives of opinions in the current Chinese phenomenon of cancel culture as parasitic sculptures in urban architecture, and all those under scrutiny can hardly meet such harsh expectations.

Parade of Cage

Political correctness becomes a cage imposed on everyone, regulating everyone's every word and action. It is a way to "protect" people from being canceled.

Parade of Keyboard

The keyboard suspended above your head is everyone's vocal weapon, but it doesn't protect you from surviving this silent battle yourself.

Parade of Giant

A giant covered with eyes and ears is parading through the city and it is watching and hearing every move and every word of the people in the city. It was difficult for people to peer into his whole body, and all they could see were the things that disappeared from the places he walked through.

After discussion with instructors, I decided to develop the idea of giant.

Modeled with blender, explored animation with Mixamo

Rendered with Blender Cycle

Imported the animation into Lens Studio and create an AR demo. Because of the size limit, I redesigned the material.