Products and apps designed for women who feel psychological pressure on masturbation.



Masturbation is not a thing about morality or right and wrong much, it is just a human instinct. However, many women of the generation that has grown up before us have a strong rejection and fear of masturbation.
And the overly bionic masturbation products on the market make it difficult for them to trust them, and they fear privacy leaks. They also face self-condemnation and anxiety after trying to use them.


Lyu Guowei, Lee Luhang

My Role

User Researcher, UX Designer


Oct. ~ Nov. 2020
in China


Help users perceive masturbation as a regular exercise.
1. Combine the appearance of masturbation products with that of daily exercise products;
2. Detect necessary data during masturbation, calculate the calories she consumes, transform the masturbation into another activity that consumes similar calories and display the report in an acceptable way.



After desktop research and user studies, we found that many women have moral pressure to masturbate due to the conservative social culture and lack of sex education.

Desk Research

From the perspective of college students' understanding of masturbation, the number of women who believe masturbation is harmful to health is higher than men. This proportion reaches 20.6%, and males are 13.9%. In the survey about psychological activities accompanying masturbation, women feel more distressed and painful than men during the process.

The Stigma of Female Sexual Masturbation: A Social Discourse Construction of "Sex Stigma"
- Chinese Sexual Science

User Research

Based on user research, we interviewed 10 females and required them to use some words to describe masturbation and masturbation products. The data below is just a reference for the project and cannot be used as a quantitative analysis result.

Spectrum of interviewee

Access to sex education

Words to describe masturbation

Words to describe masturbation tool

Feeling during the masturbation

Market Research

We investigated the masturbation products available on online stores. Most of them chose a bionic appearance design that makes it difficult for some customers to accept or store at home.


1. The bionic appearance of masturbation products increases the privacy concerns of users.
2. The psychological burden at the end of masturbation creates a vicious circle.


We discussed how to help female accept masturbation without any psychological burden.


After analysis, we came up with an idea.
To make our users feel like it is just A REGULAR EXERCISE.


The final design involves masturbation products and applications. The idea focuses on the concept of sports. The appearance of a masturbation product is similar to the sports equipment, making it easier for the user to accept the product. The application calculates the calories users consume, transforms the masturbation into another activity that consumes similar calories, and displays the report with beautiful illustrations.

Product Design

Inspired by sport products

Freya's appearance is similar to sports products, aiming to reduce the psychological burden of users of masturbation products.

No need to hide

Because the product's appearance is quite similar to the sport product, users can keep it anywhere in the room without the worry of being noticed.

Application Design

User Flow

Main Scenario

The application focuses on the calendar, which provides users with masturbation knowledge and reports of masturbation.

Enter Personal Information

After completing the registration, the user needs to enter the necessary body-related data in order to calculate the calorie consumption later.

Connect the device

Help users connect the application and product.

Provide info. about masturbation

The calendar offers short articles about sex and masturbation to help users learn knowledge.

Check the report

When the user uses the sex product, the application will calculate the duration of masturbation and records the activity. According to the calories it calculates, the application generates illustrations of different sports and displays the report to the user.

The calories calculation requires the age, height, weight of use and the duration of masturbation.

User Test

We conducted a quick user test to verify the idea by displaying the proposal. The feedback is very positive.


The project and product are not a substitute for sex education. We just want to help adults with more conservative thinking accept their wishes a little bit.

The main difficulty we encounter now is that we don’t know the most detailed changes in the body when the user masturbates, so we cannot build an accurate calculation model. It’s significant to conduct in-depth experiments to obtain the data if the project continues.