Dinosaurs are still alive
Project type
Individual project
6 weeks
"Lies come true" -the hidden superpower of humanity
"Language has the power to shape material realities." Lies are even more so. Lies can make the unfortunate trafficked girl lose her identity again, give nature's viruses an ideology, and can turn the light and blood of artillery fire into a salute to another group of people. Lies not only destroy, but also create, creating a society with the trappings of utopia. People may believe the lie, or they may forget it. Because everyone can lie, but not everyone can recognize a lie. So, I hope to wake people up and take a fresh look at the world you live in, is it a lie or is it the truth?

So, in this project about superpowers, I designed a multiple superpower event. Lies come true, and the detection of lies. Inspired by "Birds aren't real", I conceived the lie "dinosaurs are alive". Dinosaurs represent power, violence and fear. For dinosaurs, humans are a completely separate species, unable to stimulate empathy for dinosaurs, and dinosaurs themselves do not have any kindness and friendliness. The superpower of lies coming true will represent the danger of lies themselves through the image of dinosaurs. And the fact that dinosaurs that existed in the Cretaceous period are still alive also signifies a reflection on modern civilized society. I designed a dinosaur that combines the forms of different dinosaurs, the symbols of different cultures, and the signs of different events. People cantell at a glance that this is a dinosaur does not exist, but by looking closely, they may be able to get inspiration on the dinosaur. I will use my super power by speaking. When the audience hears the words "dinosaurs are alive", the "scene" in front of them will show an unprecedented dinosaur in real time, its form, color and body pattern, all expressing that it is a fictional dinosaur, so that the audience can gain the power to detect The power of lies.
Design Process
“When, in the 21st century, an army in the middle of the night attacks a completely foreign, completely non-dangerous country. And every soldier understands what he is doing and pretends not to understand. When the minister of this country says "we did not attack", and the journalists broadcast it. And every journalist understands that this is a lie, and pretends not to understand. When millions of people watch this and understand that what is happening will be on their conscience and history, they pretend that they have nothing to do with it. When black is called white, and pleasant is called bitter, and not in a conspiratorial whisper, and without a wink, but as if from oneself.”

Last Word of Konstantin Olmezov
Inspired by "Birds aren't real"
I decided to tell my lie -
Dinosaurs are still alive
Conceptual picture - Dinosaur in my school
Technology Validation
Embed dinosaurs in videos
Create a symbolic dinosaurs
From sketching to 3D modeling to embedded video
Telling a lie
Jugaaded a simple demo which could call out the pre-rendered model when it detected the voice command "Dinosaurs are still alive"